How To Initiate Sex: 21 Women Share Their Strategies

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Initiating sex can be a nerve-wracking experience for many women. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or just starting to see someone new, knowing how to initiate sex in a way that feels comfortable and natural can be a challenge. To help shed some light on this topic, we’ve reached out to 21 women and asked them to share their strategies for initiating sex. From subtle hints to direct approaches, here’s what they had to say.

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Setting the Scene: Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

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Many of the women we spoke to emphasized the importance of setting the scene before initiating sex. This often involved creating a romantic atmosphere that made them feel comfortable and in the mood. Some women mentioned lighting candles, playing soft music, or even giving their partner a sensual massage as a way to set the stage for intimacy.

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“I like to create a romantic atmosphere by lighting candles and playing soft music. It helps to set the mood and makes me feel more comfortable initiating sex,” said Sarah, 29.

Taking the Lead: Being Direct and Confident

For some women, being direct and confident was the key to initiating sex. They expressed that they felt empowered by taking the lead and expressing their desires to their partner.

“I’m not afraid to be direct when it comes to initiating sex. I’ll often tell my partner exactly what I want and take the lead in the bedroom,” shared Emily, 26.

Subtle Hints: Using Body Language and Flirting

On the other hand, many women preferred to use subtle hints and body language to initiate sex. This often involved flirting with their partner, making suggestive comments, or using physical touch to convey their interest.

“I like to use subtle hints and body language to initiate sex. Whether it’s a lingering touch or a suggestive comment, I find that it can be a playful and fun way to let my partner know I’m in the mood,” explained Mia, 31.

Communication: Talking About Desires and Boundaries

Communication was another common theme among the women we spoke to. Many of them emphasized the importance of talking openly with their partner about their desires and boundaries when it came to initiating sex.

“I think communication is key when it comes to initiating sex. It’s important to talk openly with your partner about what you both enjoy and feel comfortable with,” said Ashley, 25.

Spontaneity: Embracing the Unexpected

For some women, spontaneity was the key to initiating sex. They expressed that they enjoyed embracing the unexpected and letting the moment guide their actions.

“I love the excitement of spontaneity when it comes to initiating sex. Whether it’s a spontaneous make-out session or a surprise seduction, I find that it can be a thrilling way to connect with my partner,” shared Olivia, 30.

Final Thoughts

Initiating sex can be a complex and personal experience for many women. From creating a romantic atmosphere to being direct and confident, there are countless ways to initiate sex that feel comfortable and natural. By exploring different strategies and communicating openly with your partner, you can find a approach that works for you. Whether you prefer subtle hints or spontaneous gestures, the key is to embrace what feels right for you and your relationship.